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Teatro Greco Syracusa


Travel to Greece.

Arriving in Athens and standing in the Acropolis is like standing in the past, allow at least two days for this visual feast. 

Also don't miss a climb up Mars hill which is about 50 yards to the right of the small bar opposite the Acropolis front entrance.

Mars hill was where Paul addressed the Athenians regarding their 'unknown god' in Acts 17:16-34

Worth  a visit is the Manastiraki flea market, take the metro to Manastiraki and the square is opposite with the market on the right hand side.

From Manastiraki square, follow the road opposite the metro entrance, up the hill in the evening for great night shots of the Acropolis.


Acropolis and Parthenon


Acropolis at night

        Manastiraki flea market

Mars hill Athens

There are many routes to take out of Athens, we chose to take the bus to Napflio, a 2hr bus ride West of Athens, a nice trip with great scenery en route.

To get to Nafplio, take a taxi from Athens to the Kifissou Bus Terminal near the National Archaeological Museum (for about 8 euro), then catch the bus to Nafplio about a 2 hour journey.

Make sure you sit on the left side of the bus for a stunning view of the Isthmus canal just before Corinth City

Nafplio is a beautiful small coastal town with a gorgeous old town centre, lovely cobbled streets and so much to see.

There are great walks around the area and a local beach, just 10 mins walk from the town.

At the main bus station, follow the winding road opposite next to the castle hill walk up and over, down into the beach.

You can easily spend a week as there is much to see. old Corinth and a site at Nemea every bit as good as Olympus.

From Nafplio you can easily take a ferry to Hydra and Spetsus from Tolo, a 20 min bus ride  from Nafplio.


Boats in Loutraki harbour

Nafplio Loverly

        On Hydra

We found a friend on Hydra

They make bread the old fashioned way on Hydra!

Dropping a pin at the Epidravos Amphi-theatre

Five tourists appreciated my speech at the Amphi-theatre

Don't miss a fabulous visit to the amphitheatre at Epidavros, one of the best preserved in Greece, it is really was amazing and well worth the 40min walk from the bus stop to reach it.

Another great stop is Loutraki, a small seaside town near Nafplio, we settled on Loutraki as a stop to see Old Corinth and Nemea

Take a trip to Ancient Numea exploring ruins there. Ancient Corinth is so amazing. Near the site there is an ancient fort on the top of mountainside worth the trip up if you can beg a lift from a tourist.

Old Corinth

The old Corinthian way

The Isthmus canal at Corinth

The organ grinder with no monkey business

The road up is very steep and narrow with amazing views looking down and from the top.

Blowing bubbles in Athens square

The old way of selling bread

Wire trees!!

Say goodnight Gracie!


Changing of the guard in front of Athens Parliament building

Check out the amazing changing of the guard in Athens, outside the Parliament Building a site not to be missed!




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